Monday, December 3, 2012

How to check a Fuel consumption of your vehicle?

Chintan Doshi
It is very difficult for a person to owe a car but there are other expenses which will empty your pockets for just maintaining. Monaco (908 vehicle per thousand people), United States (812 vehicle per thousand people) are ranking top in the list of countries by vehicle per capita, whereas India (18 vehicle per thousand people) ranks at 132nd position. The reason behind maintaining the car is get high mileage and longevity of the car.

Mileage means the number of kilometers covered per liter of Petrol or Diesel. Previously the car manufacturers were more into the luxury and looks rather than fuel. Most of the Manufacturers as well the customers are looking out for the better mileage now a days along with the luxurious model, due to the high rise in fuel across the country.

Nowadays most of the Car Owners are looking for the better mileage and if the car fails to deliver it then they assume that there is something wrong with the parts of the car or consumption of fuel is very high. And if this happens frequently, the car owner makes sure the car is checked in terms of fuel consumption as it will not only increase the consumption level of fuel but also increases the pollution.

Essential tips on how to check the Fuel consumption of your vehicle:

1. Fill your empty tank with 10 liters of fuel(make sure you at least have some fuel to reach to the fuel station after the 10 liters are consumed by your car).

2. Now, note down the kilometers covered by your car.

3. Once you have noted down the kilometers, drive a car till 10 liters are consumed by your car.

4. Now, note down the kilometers after the car has consumed one liter of fuel.

5. Now you will come to know how much fuel has been consumed by your car or how much is the mileage of your car.
For example: If the Kilometer before the fuel consumption was 100kms and now it shows 220 kms that means the difference is of 120 kms, now take the difference (120 kkms) and divide it by 10 (liters consumed) you will get 12. This is the actual fuel consumption or mileage of your car.

If you think that the fuel consumped by your car is very less as provided by the company, then immediately rush to the service station and get your car serviced to avoid higher maintainance issues in future.


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