Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to increase user engagement for a website?

As there are so many websites available online, it is very hard to assume how much time a user or a client will stay on your website. There are many ways to increase the engagement of the user or client and its easy too even if you do not have an SEO expert.

Here are some ideas where you can make sure that the users or client get engaged and won't leave your website:

  1. Search box: Keep a search box in your website so that it will be easy for the client or user to navigate rather than getting lost or searching for the post or article they want. If there is a search box it will be easy for the user to navigate and find the exact post or article what they are looking out for. Search box indirectly gives some weightage to your website.

  2. Social media buttons: Just as you like sharing the best photo, video or any informative things to your friends, colleagues and so on to social media sites the same way your user or client may want to share, tweet or like it and then share it to their friends, colleagues. Hence it is always recommended to have “like”, “share”, “tweet” or other social media buttons on your website pages ready so that the client or user can share it across the social media sites.

  3. Comments: As we all know how important it is to post a quality article for your website. It is indeed equally important to have comments box below your post or article. The comment is a way where the user can express their feeling or likes or dislikes about the article or post they read on your website. Always recommended to have the comments box at the bottom after the post or article ends. Many users might look out for some answers by commenting on your post hence it is always good to carry out the conversation with them and solving their queries.

  4. Uploading Videos: It is not easy for the user or client to every time go to your website and read the content. Sometimes its good to have videos on the website so that whenever the client feels bored of reading the posts, they might like to watch informative videos explaining the post or for entertainment. This way the will be engaged or give more time to your site.

  5. Popular post widgets: Say that you have good number of followers who visits your website on a daily basis and hungry to find something new. But what about the user who is a first time visitor. How would he come to know about your website or blog, how many visitors have liked your post, how many are followers and so on. So depending on this you can add the Popular post widgets on your website. This will guide and help the user by what are your posts and which one is the most popular one. If they see that your particular post has good number of visitors, followers then its likely that he too may spend more time in reading that post.

  6. Email box: Many users must be checking their emails on a regular basis. Hence place an email opt-in box in your website so that the user will get an alert by an email and is aware what's new on your blog or website. It is very difficult for the user to search all the website on a daily basis hence if they subscribe to your website and find your email about the relevant or interesting topic, they will definitely check out your site and read the new article.

  7. Surveys: It is amongst the tried and tested method as far as research or collecting information is concerned. It is suggested to frequently have surveys or set questions relevant to your client. This will not only help to know your client better but can serve them better. You can also give some gifts to those who take the time and completes the survey.

There are many ways where you can try to run your online business which work for you and your clients. Make sure there is no compromise on efficiency and quality for beauty. These tips will surely help you to increase engagement of users on your website but you should know whats better for you.

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  2. Absolutely right Chintan! in order to stay in touch with your users you need these methods to be applicable on your site.

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  5. Great list Chintan. You definitely need interactive features such as videos and surveys to keep the user intact.

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  8. Here are some ideas user engagement where you can make sure that the users or client get engaged and won't leave your website:

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