Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lost your Wallet? Things to do quickly

Many of us must have faced a lot of distressing moments by getting their wallets lost or stolen by robbers. You have many valuable things in your wallet and you don't want to loose them. Here are some simple steps you can do to minimize the damage that will be caused by wallet getting stolen or lost.

Plastic Cards: As soon as you come to know that your wallet which carries Credit and Debit cards has been stolen or lost, you should immediately call the customer care service of your bank and cancel all your cards. Such immediate reaction will help you to lower the damage. Though you may not be charged for the fraudulent charges that are made on your cards but taking it as a responsibility to report the cards missing or stolen.

Reporting to Police: You should always report the Police about the loss of your wallet. There might be a possibility that others might use your personal details or cards for various things hence if you report to the police and get the complaint number or a copy of police report that might help you a lot in many things. Also suppose if your credit card is misused then the police can intervene and stop the frauds that might happen in future.

Intimate the Financial company: Do intimate your bank about your wallet been lost or stolen. They will update their records and see to it no fraud happens on your account. Also monitor your bank accounts daily activity for some period of time till every thing has been taken care off. Also request for the new PIN as you might need to change it if you have left such things in your wallet. Also inform the Insurance company about the theft or loss of wallet as that might keep you insured if something wrong/ fraud happens on your account.

Credit Bureau: It is very important to call and inform the credit bureaus if you had left any personal information or SSN or Social Security card inside your wallet as you wont like to be a victim of identity theft. The Credit Reporting agencies(Equifax, Experian or Transunion) will place a restriction on your account. Suppose if the financial institutes gets any request for credit card or opening an account with your personal details, they will first call you to check or verify whether it was you or not who made such request.

Carry less: It is always said to carry less things in your wallet so that you don't loose everything at once. Suppose if you have all the photo identity proof along with you in your wallet and it gets lost, then you might loose your identity. It will take a lot of time and money to get all your photo identity cards back. Hence its always suggested to carry less or just carry whatever you needed at that particular time rather than carrying everything and loosing it. Government documents actually requires to go through a formal application where you have to provide a photo id. For such reasons its good to carry not carry all the identification along with you in your wallet.

Finally its very essential to carry less and note everything you have in your wallet if you loose your wallet. The loss of Wallet is very stressful hence take the necessary steps as seen above which might help you in future. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, so carry your wallet in a safe place like a wallet or keep it in your bags or inside a purse for women where they are not easily reachable.

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  1. Very good information! In fact its necessary to carry less in your wallet. Then its like putting all eggs in one basket.

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    1. Yes i do ma friend..Hope you must have checked other posts too...