Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips for playing safe Holi

Holi is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. The festival is celebrated not only by Hindus as the major community in India but by all other community too. Holi makes us remember about the story of Hiranyakashipu a king of devils and his son Prahlada who was a devotee of Lord Krishna and Kings Sister “Holika” the origin word for Holi who had a boon that she will never die or get burned by fire.

The festival is celebrated to farewell the winter and welcome the spring season for harvest. It is celebrated by holding a bonfire and throwing powder colors at each other.  During Holi people celebrates by coloring each other faces especially with “Gulal”. Some use very dark colors or colors that are not very easy to be removed by splashing water or taking a bath. People take one whole day to remove the colors from their faces body.

Below are some ways that you can take care before and after playing Holi.

Preventions before Holi:

1.    Try to use only natural and organic powder color as they are easy to remove by water.
2.    Washing your hair after hair is the worst job to do, hence apply Coconut oil to protect your hair.
3.    Oil not only plays a vital role for your hair but can also apply the same on your Earlobes, behind your ears and your nails where the colors settles for days if not washed properly.
4.    Lips are also exposed when applied the color on your face hence apply lip-balm or lipstick before playing Holi.
5.    The best way to keep your head and hair safe is to tie scarf which will cover your head and hair.
6.    Do not wear any lenses while playing Holi to avoid irritation in your eyes.
7.    Cover almost all parts of your body. Try not to wear Denims as they take very long time to dry. Wear light not heavy clothes.
8.    Put cotton in your ears to avoid colors going deep inside.

After Holi:

1.    Do not take a snap immediately after playing Holi as it will be difficult to remove colors if stayed longer.
2.    Dust off the dry color before washing it with water.
3.    Never use a detergent instead use a mild cleanser to get rid of the color.
4.    Never apply kerosene or Nail polish remover to clean instead use a cotton dipped in oil or cream.
5.    If the color doesn’t comes out of your head after applying Shampoo do not try to shampoo it again rather wait for a day or two and then apply it again to get rid of the color in hair.
6.    Use conditioner after applying shampoo hair else will make you scalp dry.
7.    Please do not try to get rid of the color at the one go it might take few days so have patience.

I hope you all must have got the instruction about how to play a safe Holi. Please follow the above instructions and you will have a better day than others.

Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Increase Visibility for your Online Business in Search Engines

Now a days there are thousands of websites getting created on a daily basis. All of them are equally interested in Online business. Many webmasters do lack lot of things which I will be taking about in this post. The main goal of an Online business should be to increase an online visibility as without that they will not get any traffic and hence will never increase their sales. There are many ways you can increase your site visibility and get the site more and more sales.

Here are some strategies which I think can increase the site's visibility, traffic and sale:

Use of Social Networking: Social Networking sites are now a days booming the networking industry. There are millions of users who has signed up and are promoting their sites, talent and lot many things. To promote your online business, you should open an account with such social networking sites. Try to target as many people or communities you can to promote the business. Try to make as many contact and customers you can which might indirectly increase the sales of your business.

Press Release: Press Release is the best way to promote or increase the visibility of your online business. The reason behind Press Release is it helps your website to escape “Google Sandbox”, it will rank in the Google and Yahoo news for your keywords, the visibility is increased in the search engines. Hence by looking at the benefits of Press Release it is always recommended to go for the Press Release technique for promoting the Online Business.

Article Submission: Article Submission is also one of the best way you can do to increase the visibility and rankings of the Online Business in search engines. You can only get the better ranking on your article submission is by increasing the number of backlinks with good PR sites. It is one of the very old method of link building strategies in SEO and it not only increases the backlinks but also helps to drive traffic from such Article Submission websites.

Blogs: It was earlier known as “Weblog” however has been changed to Blog which is used to maintain an information or discussion which are been published in the World Wide Web which are displayed in the chronological order. Most of them actually use it as a personal diary or discussion about some particular topic and so on. While blogging make sure that you have a very good quality and unique content as we all know that content is a king. Try to post atleast 3-4 posts per week to gain the visibility  and for the crawlers to crawl coming back again and again on your blog site.

Hope u all must have liked it and are aware on how to go for the visibility of your new online business.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia Lumia Smartphone prices in India and their specification

Hope you must have liked my previous post which was Samsung and HTC Smartphones and their prices in India. There we had almost covered about the Samsung and HTC phones. Most of them have read the post and have liked it.

Hence looking at the response of the previous post about the Samsung and HTC I have decided to write the post on rest of the branded Smartphones in India. This time I have included Apple iPhone 4s, Blackberry bold 9900, Nokia Lumia 920, Blackberry Z10 and Apple iPhone 5. I have also included their prices in India and their features and specifications.

Apple iPhone 4s: This phone was released in October 2011 with a new feature known as “Siri”, a voice detector  that activates your phone to send the messages, schedule meetings, find a nearby location and so on. The Apple iPhone 4s comes in 2 colors White and Black and is for GSM as well CDMA handsets. It has internal memory of 16/32/64 GB with 512MB RAM. It has 8 MP in the rear camera and VGA in front with features like Touch focus, Geo-tagging, face detection, panorama, HDR for rear camera. It has inbuilt iOS 5 which can be upgraded to iOS 6.1. iPhone 4s is a dual core 1GHz Cortex A9 mobile. The Li-Po 1432 mAh battery lasts upto 200hrs on standby mode while  upto 14 hrs on talktime and 40hrs on Music play. The price of this iPhone 4s in India is Rs.26,500/-.

Blackberry Bold 9900: Blackberry who is still with Qwerty keyboard has introduced BB bold 9900 into the market. Its slim and sleek as compared to other BB mobiles. It only comes for the GSM mobiles and not for the CDMA handsets. It was released in August 2011 after the announcement made on May 2011. It has BB OS 7.0 with 1.2GHz QC 8655. The inbuilt storage memory of the phone is 8GB with 768 MB RAM. It has an Optical track-pad. The mobile has only rear camera of 5MP with LED flash. It Li-Ion 1230mAh battery which lasts upto 307 hrs on standby, 6 hrs and 30 min on talktime and upto 50 hrs on music play. The cost of Blackberry Bold 9900 is Rs.32,999/- in the Indian market.

Nokia Lumia 920: One of the High rated mobile from Nokia is Lumia 920 which costs Rs.35,000/- in India. Its 4.5 inch display with pure-motion hd, yes off course, a touchscreen with 1280x768 pixels of resolution. The mobile is for GSM handsets only. The phone was released in November 2012 in India. The glass is protected with Gorilla Glass 2. The internal storage memory is 32 GB with 1GB RAM. The rear camera is of 8MP with autofocus and dual LED flash and the front camera is with 1.3 MP. The OS supported by the phone is Windows 8 with Dual core 1.5GHz krait. The Lumia 920 is available in Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, White color. The battery is Non-removable Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery which lasts 67 hrs on music play, 400 hrs on standby and 17 hrs on talktime.

Blackberry Z10: The most awaited piece of Blackberry which was released recently on January 2013. The price of this mobile is Rs.43,490/-. It has a long way to go as will have to compete with other Smartphones in India specially Samsung Galaxy S III, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC one X plus, iPhone 5 and HTC Butterfly. It has 1.5 GHz dual core krait processor and comes with Blackberry 10 OS. It comes in white and black model. The phone has two camera one in the front with 2 MP and the rear camera is of 8 MP with autofocus LED flash. The features of the camera are Geo-tagging, continuous auto-focus, image stabilization, face detection. It has 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery which lasts upto 312 hours on standby and upto 10 hours on talktime.

iPhone 5: This one was also the most awaited phone as it has the amazing feature of 4 inch retina display, the company designed Apple A6 chip and it comes with iOS 6, 1.2 GHz dual core upgradeable to iOS 6.1. The iPhone 5 comes in both for GSM as well as for CDMA users. Not only it provides the network of 2G and 3G but it also provides the network of 4G. The mobile was released on September 2012. Display of the iPhone 5 is LED-back lit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors. It has a Corning Gorilla Glass and oleo phobic coating. It comes in 3 variants i.e. 16/32/64 GB internal storage with 1 GB RAM. The Li-Po battery is non removable with 1400 mAh which lasts upto 225 hours on standby, 8 hours on talktime and 40 hours on music play. The rear camera is of 8 MP with autofocus LED flash and the features are Simultaneous HD video and image recording, touch focus, Geo-tagging, face detection, panorama, HDR while the front camera is of 1.2 MP with face detection and face time over WI FI or Cellular. The rate of  iPhone 5 is Rs.45,500/- in Indian market.

Thats all guys with the Smartphone prices and its features. Hope you would opt for the one you like looking at the features, specification and their price in India. Will keep posting on the Mobile or rather Smart phones as and when I will get an update.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Top and best Mughlai and Biryani Restaurants in Hyderabad

Hyderabad capital of Andhra Pradesh is a metropolitan city which has a population of approx 10 million. It is the fourth most populous city. The city was a centre for a local tradition in arts, literature, architecture and cuisine. Charminar, Laad Baazar, Mecca Masjid, Golconda fort, Nehru Zoological Park, Chow Mohalla Palace and many more are the famous tourist place to visit in Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad Cuisine is famous across India. It is famous since the princely legacy of Nizams of Hyderabad. The famous cuisine across the city is Biryani, Haleem, Mughlai and Tandoori. The food is prepared with a very utmost attention and everything is taken care by picking the right kind of spices, meat, rice, etc.

About Restaurants in Hyderabad

Not only the tourist place but also its cuisine’s are famous across India. Hyderabadi Biryani and Irani Chai are very famous across India. You will find this restaurant not only in Hyderabad but across India. Below are the type of food and name of restaurants in hyderabad which are famous across the city.

South Indian Food in Hyderbad

If you think that Hyderabad is only famous for the Non-vegetarian dishes then you are wrong, it is also famous for South Indian dishes. Restaurants like Daspalla Hotels, Rayalaseema Ruchulu, A Lounge, Minerva Coffee Shop, Spice Village Restaurant, Chutneys and many more are very famous for serving the South Indian food. Dosas and Idli, Sambhar are the famous South Indian dish in India.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is very famous and popular dish in the city. If asked or voted for the best and popular dish in the city, 100% of the vote will go to the Hyderabadi Buryani. The taste of the biryani is very good. It’s made in a very unique style. It is mostly served with Dahi-ki-chutney and mirchi-ka-salan. Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Biryani Khaam, Zafrani, Joban Malti Biryani in which mutton, partridges and quails were cooked with rice are the different types of Biryani.

Irani Chai

Most of us are not aware about this Irani Tea or “Chai” termed in India. This Tea is very famous across the Hyderabad. Just like Americans who 
has a coke in their hand the same way you will find a group of people at the Irani Chai Cafe. Many of the business meetings, business proposals, and general meetings do happen at the Irani Cafe. In a simple word, Most of the Hyderabadi’s will not start their day unless they have Irani Chai.

Chinese Cuisine in Hyderabad

Chinese Cuisine is not only famous in China but is very popular across the world. Chinese food is very famous for the spicy food but have you ever heard about the Chinese desserts. Chinese Dessert are sweet foods served along with Tea after the end of the meals. This desserts are mostly famous in China where people have Chinese Desserts after their meal. These Desserts are mostly the seasonal fruits prepared after dinner. . There are many Chinese outlets or restaurants in Hyderabad such as Golden Dragon, Aromas of China, Chung Hua, Tung Kein Chinese food, Mainland China, Nanking, Yo-China.

Fast Food in Hyderabad

Fast food is a food that can be prepared and served quickly. The time takes to prepare the food is very less. Most of the dishes are pani-puri, Pav-Bhaaji, Pizza’s, sandwiches, etc. The Fast food outlets in Hyderabad are Subway, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Corner, and many local outlets etc.

Thai food
Thai Food in Hyderabad

As we are aware that Thailand is not only famous for SPA’s but also famous for its healthy food. Thai food consists of rice with several dishes. A meal at a restaurants may consists of Fish Curry, a spicy green papaya salad with dried prawns, tomatoes, deep fried stuffed chicken wings, spicy stir fried century eggs with crispy-fried holy basil and a non-spicy vegetable soup with tofu and seaweed to temper it all. Here are few of the restaurants which are famous in Hyderabad as per the user ratings such as Jalpaan, Urban Asia Restaurant, Taj Banjara, Water Front Restaurant, Shanghai Chef, etc.

So friends, that’s all about the Hyderabad restaurants. Now I hope that you all are aware about the Hyderabadi Cuisine. Please take a chance to have a delicious food once when you are at Hyderabad.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Samsung and HTC Smartphones and their prices in India

How to use smartphones

Do you know what is Smartphone?

Most of us are using Smartphone made by Mobile companies however we are still not aware what actually a Smartphone is. Smartphone is a device that not only let you make phone calls but also have other additional features such as sending and receiving emails, getting connected to the Internet/ 3G/ WI FI, viewing and editing documents, excel, PPT and many more. It combines the functions of personal digital assistant (PDA) with mobile phone. Apart from the office documents, getting connected to Internet there are other functions like adding a media player, digital cameras or rather pocket video cameras, GPS navigation and so on. So such things and features are differentiate Smartphone from a normal mobile phone.

Here are some Smartphones and their prices in India.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: Grand Duos is an amazing phone only for GSM users announced on December 2012. It has 5 inch TFT LCD screen with a Dual Sim mobile. It has 8GB internal memory with 1 GB RAM, It has 8mp autofocus LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization. It also has secondary camera with 2 MP. It has the latest version of the Android software i.e. 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). It has 1.2 GHZ dual core CPU. The Li-Ion 2100 mAh Battery lasts upto 440 hrs on a standby and upto 10hrs and 10min on talktime. The price of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is Rs.21,500/- in India.

Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy SII: This phone was available in the market from April 2011. It is only for the GSM mobile with super AMOLED plus touchscreen. The phone comes with an internal memory of 16/32 GB storage and with 1GB RAM. It has a similar features of Samsung Grand Duos in terms of Camera. The Android OS is v.2.3.4 Gingerbread and v.4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich which can be upgraded to v.4.1 (Jellybean). Galaxy SII comes in 3 colors Black, White and Pink. Its supported by Li-ion 1650mAh battery which lasts upto 710hrs on standby and upto 18 hrs and 20 min on talktime. Samsung Galaxy SII costs Rs.25,900/- in the Indian market.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy SIII or S3: The 4.8 inch Samsung  Galaxy S3 was introduced in the market from May 2012. It has super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16m colors and weighs 133grams. It comes in with 16/32/64 GB storage of Internal memory and with 1GB RAM. The rear camera is same as the Galaxy SII however the front camera is of 1.9MP. The OS supported is Android v4.0.4 ICS which can be upgraded to v4.1.2 (Jellybean). The CPU is advanced compare to other Samsung mobiles ie. Quad core 1.4 GHz Cortex A-9. Galaxy S3 is available in Pebble blue, Marble white, Amber brown, Garnet red, Sapphire black, Titanium grey, La Fleur colors. The mobile is supported by Li-ion 2100 mAh battery which lasts upto 590 hrs on standby and upto 21hrs and 40 min on talktime. The cost of Galaxy S3 in the Indian market is Rs.29,500/-.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Another Note from the Samsung with some new and additional features released in September 2012. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is slightly thinner and bigger than Galaxy Note with 5.5 inch. The CPU is of 1Ghz quad core processor and the latest version of Android OS 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) which is again upgradeable to Android 4.1.2. The internal storage memory of the Note 2 comes in 16/32/64 GB, with 2 GB RAM. It also has a front camera of 1.9MP and the rear camera is of 8 MP with autofocus and LED flash. The camera features are the same as the features of Galaxy S3. The battery is of Li-Ion 3100 mAh which lasts upto 980hrs on standby, 35 hrs on talktime. The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Rs.35,500/- higher than other Samsung phones in India.

HTC One X plus

HTC One X Plus: Another High rated mobile from HTC which comes with 4.7 inch display. It costs around Rs.34,700/- in India and was released in November 2012. The memory storage internal comes in 32/64 GB with 1 GB RAM. It has a dual camera where the front camera is of 1.6MP and the rear is of 8MP with autofocus, LED flash, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, touch focus, geo-tagging, face detection and HDR. The OS supported is of Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) with 1.7GHz Quad core. The battery is Li-Ion 2100 mAh which lasts 360 hrs on standby and 12 hrs 45 min on talktime.

HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly: Its the one of the best phone for HTC which was released in January 2013. It supports GSM mobiles only. The OS supported is of Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) upgradeable to 4.2 (Jely Bean). The CPU is of Quad-core 1.5GHz krait. It also has dual camera the one in the front with 2.1 MP and the rear camera is of 8 MP with autofocus, LED flash. The glass is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. It has a non removable Li-ion 2020 mAh battery. It has 16GB internal memory storage with 2 GB RAM. The price of the HTC Butterfly is Rs.45,900/- in India.

Hope you must have enjoyed reading the post. Also you must have got an idea about what is smartphone and the prices and features of Samsung and HTC smartphones in India.