Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Career Resolutions

Here are some few tips you should do to focus your resolution on your career.

Take a long break: Plan your breaks accordingly and take it without guilt. Its always good to take break not only for you but for your employer too. Working for long hours daily and taking no holidays apart from your scheduled leaves put you into the mental stress, hence its always better to take a long break go out with your family or friends. Such breaks will work good for you as it will not only keep you away from mental stress but also helps you to recharge yourself so when you join the office you will be very optimistic and always ready with new ideas.

Be happy with your job: Many of them just cant stop from complaining about their boss or colleagues. Remember, constantly complaining will lead you no where. Its always said to sort out the issues with your boss or co-workers by talking to them. If you find that something is not going right then try to speak to them and sort it out. Look for the new job only if you think nothing can be changed so that you are out of the negativity.

Use of mobile in meetings: Most of the people do fidget with their mobile by sending messages during the meeting and think that they are not noticed by anyone. Fidgeting with your mobile shows that you are least interested in the meeting and others might feel insulting. Always try to be attentive during your meetings, that shows your positive attitude towards your work and personal approach.

Increment: You always think that work very hard and are paid peanuts for your work. If this is the situation and you have actually changed a lot of good things in your company then why not ask for an increment. Many of them feel shy in asking for a raise but if you feel that your value to the company has increased then why not ask for it?

Social Media: Social media plays an imperative part for the employee and employers both. Get involved with people who are in the same field or join the professional community where you can express your ideas and take suggestions from others. This will help you in expanding your network, you will raise your visibility and can get an additional accomplishments for your resume.

Get rid of bad habit: Interrupting people, getting offensive or defensive when received a feedback, or resilient are the common bad habits seen in people. Actually this bad habits shows who and how you are but this are the things you need to overcome in 2013.

Feedback: Feedback is the best thing which is seen in all the sectors. Many of them just wait for their boss to call them up for their feedback or are scared to get the feedback as it can be negative. Its always good for you to take the feedback on monthly basis rather than waiting for the boss to call during your review or appraisals. This will help you to improve on many skills or can learn lot of new things from him. Remember always be positive to take a feedback not only from your boss but also from your peers.

Job Career: Make 2013 a very happy year for you and your work life. If you are unhappy with your job then change it. Find the better one and if you are planning to change your field then should figure out how much that will cost you in terms of your career and money.

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