Thursday, November 7, 2013

6 Best SEO Android apps which every SEO needs on their Smartphone

As per Source (Microsoft Tag, comScore and Gomez):
1) In the World 1.08 out of 4 million mobile phone are smart phones.
2) Mobile Internet use is expected to surpass desktop Internet usage by 2014.
3) Apple and Android Smartphone market share above 75%.
4) 74% of consumers will wait for 5 seconds on their mobile devices before loading a web page to abandon the site.
5) 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it did not work properly during their last visit.
6) 71% of mobile browser page loads almost as fast as their desktop computer's Web browser.
7) More than 50% local search queries are done on mobile devices.
8) 91% of mobile Internet accesses are done for social activities compared to 79% of the desktop.
9) More than 1/3 Facebook users access Facebook on mobile, 50% of Twitter users use Twitter on mobile.

When i got to know those stats and felt that every SEO or website owner should think and start optimizing their mobile version of the website or blog. And in today’s fast living world most of the time we don’t get time to work on our desktops and laptops. In order to get somewhat solution for the situation I hereby mention 6 best android apps for SEO which will help to optimize your websites on the go on your smartphone.

1. mAnalytics

This app is verified Google app and the small version of the Google Analytics which gives complete analysis as on the desktop. This is a very helpful app to track your goals and targets even when you are out of the office or on the vacation. There is every aspect like real time overview, Audience and Acquisition of traffic covered and can be accessible on your android phone at anytime.

2. SEO Serp App

This is very handy SEO tool for every search engine optimizer. This app will help you to track your keyword or query ranking in the Google search engine. These will not only give you Google search engine rankings but also Google Page rank, Social shares count, SERP indexing, bookmarking count and etc. Google rankings are changing on every updates and time intervals so this app will help you to track your keyword ranking and find out the shifts.

3. WebRank SEO

Award winning Web services WebRankStats is now used as a native Android application convenient. Android features WebRank SEO gives you Google's PageRank, Alexa Rank, and Competitor Ranking, Google Indexed Pages, Bing Indexed Pages, Backlink form Google, Backlinks according to Alexa, Facebook like or the number of shares, Tweet count, Stumbles, Delicious bookmarks and Google plus count.

4. AdSense Dashboard

This app provide overview of the rise over of the AdSense key performance indicators like CPM, CTR, page views, clicks and estimated revenue to easily digestible form which includes desktop widget showing today's vital statistics. Using Google's AdSense Management API provides a secure read-only view of the data. Support large screen mobile phone tablets and Google TV (for those who want an always-on dashboard for their office). Also provides AdSense homepage as default which contains most of the report content. To use this application you must have a stable network connection (commonly known as bugs), also an existing AdSense account. Also need to have an associated Google account which is configured for your mobile phone account.

5. SEO - SiteRank Lite

This is a very good and easy to use search engine optimization application which will grab the Google's PageRank, Alexa ranking of websites. It also keeps a history list of previously searched sites. This does not require you to connect to the Internet to use every time. SiteRank is not affiliated with Google.

6. SECockpit - SEO Keyword Tool

SECockpit (Search Engine Cockpit) is an Internet marketing SEO keyword research tool. SECockpit generate keyword ideas from the input seed keyword phrase. SECockpit then automatically collect and combine data from different sources so that it can be displayed like how many times a keyword search last month. How high is AdWords cost-per-click? Give competitive outcome for currently ranking for selected keyword. SECockpit search volume figures obtained from Google planner combined with competition from SEOmoz retrieved data with currently ranked top ten organic results. Because the heart is in a large server farm cloud SECockpit engine can analyze more than 200 words per minute! According to me, SECockpit is the fastest keyword tool.

I hope you will like most of the SEO android apps to begin with your mobile SEO practice or just to update yourself on the go. Your suggestions, ideas and queries are welcome in the comment box below.

Darshan Beloshe is SEO professional and Blogger over five years. Writes his blog on his favorite topics and experiences. Currently He work for the company Justdial limited.

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