Thursday, October 17, 2013

Does your LinkedIn account impact others?

LinkedIn is a social networking portal where you can connect with people of your same occupation or industry. It has been 10 years now LinkedIn has captured a market of the professional occupations. Its been reported by Quant cast that approximately 180 million unique visitors visits the site on a monthly basis. It is one of the best social networking sites so far. LinkedIn is gaining a lot of publicity these days and so should your LinkedIn profile.

Below are some points where you can create an impact of your LinkedIn account:

Profile: The very important thing you must remember is to create an impact of your profile. There are thumb rules which you should fill or add while creating your LinkedIn profile.

a. Attach a photo of yours in your profile. The photo should be of your own to let others know that it’s an active profile not a fake one.
b. Make you profile visible to others do not keep your profile as private. This will help others to search your profile.
c. Try to make relevant title or headline which describes your. For example, instead of writing your title as Finance Manager you can describe yourself as Corporate B2B Finance Manager."
d. In the summary section describe yourself about your work, projects and progress. This summary will elaborate yourself and your skills to others.
e. You have one more column of experience try to fill all the details of your experience in the company and how you achieved the success.

Managing a profile is very important as it will describe you to others. There must be some people who are actually looking to know more about you or share their experiences or wants some inputs from you hence make your title, summary and experience tab appealing for others.

Connections: We all know that building rapport with others is the key to build your connections. Now a day’s most of them are looking to build their rapport with expert from the same field to gain better knowledge about their industry. Few things we should remember while building connections.

Spend at least few minutes each day on LinkedIn and interact with customers, colleagues and superiors. Share whatever they are looking for or ask what you are looking for or things you want to know. Grow as many connections as you want. Try to send different message to customer, colleagues as an invitation, avoid using LinkedIn default message.

Groups: Participate in the groups to understand the questions and challenges which was also give a chance to create new opportunities. List groups where you actively participate and interact with others as LinkedIn shows only 7 groups on your profile hence display the best one. Search for the groups who are related to your industry or role specific, join and interact in those groups which will directly help you to an expansion of your reach. Avoid promoting excessive links and participate only if you have a value to add. Entering into any discussion and giving a valuable suggestion will help people of your industry to reach you as well as you will gain more reputation in that particular group.

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