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Hi Everyone, I am Chintan Doshi, a blogger and an SEO working for Justdial. I have started to write blogs in November 2012. The things i will document is about my personal experience, current affairs and ideas on anything. Check my blog on a daily basis to see if i have updated anything new. Bloggers has a right to write on anything they like (not adult content obviously), they want to share with the world.

I am a normal guy just like others who has dreams, passion, aim, goals and so on. I am very passionate about Internet and blogging. By profession I am SEO expert as well as blogger.

I enjoy writing blog and making people aware about the current happenings in the world. Not only about the current happenings, i also like to write about blogging, SEO, technology, hotels, restaurants, traveling, festivals, sports, etc. Sharing ideas, SEO, technology and awareness is what i like to share the most.

I am that kind of a guy who lives my life to the fullest, likes to entertain people, loves to travel and a very Jolly kind of person.

I am still learning a lot of things about blogging and gaining knowledge too. The main thing about blogging is to post the unique and good quality post rather than doing ctrl+c & ctrl+v and writing a duplicate content. Hope you all will enjoy reading my posts and share your ideas by posting comments on my blog.


Watching Movies, Interacting with people, Making friends, Sports, Traveling and many more.

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Thanks all for visiting my blog

Chintan Doshi


  1. Hey all the best for your blog.

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    My name is Sage and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I love how useful a lot of your topics are. I was wondering if we could exchange shout-outs. Would you please consider mentioning my website on your next post? I’ll be sure to mention yours on my blog. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!