Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Mobile phones changed your life?

It Feels very good when you are carrying a Mobile Phone that too the latest version with all new features in it, Wow that's amazing. You get call or message whenever someone thinks about you, you can make call or message whenever you want to, can surf on the net by using WAP, GPRS, 3G etc. You have everything in the world you want. But do you remember the days you have spent, when it was very difficult for you to even buy a china mobile (which are the cheapest mobile as per the research in India). Today the number of application for the new mobile phone received in a year is same as the annual revenue of the Landline company.

Here are few things you have missed within a decade:

  • All the meetings didn't just cancelled at the last minute.
  • Talking on a landline phone for hours was very difficult.
  • The Alarm Clock was very imperative in daily life.
  • We use to maintain telephone diary to note down their numbers.
  • Rush to the local P.C.O to make a phone call.
  • The electricity bill would have been less due to not charging the phone whole night.
  • The verbal interaction with family and friends was more as compared to email and text messages.
  • Survival was easy without a phone call(as no mobile phone at that time) if on an outing.
  • People have waited for an more than an hour just to receive an interview call on the landline.
  • An Answering machine was used to leave or take message in your absence.
  • Would have lost many times to find the address as no Google Maps at that time.
  • You remembered most of the telephone numbers as compared to current.
  • Photo Albums were to remember any important occasions in your life as compared to Gallery application in the Mobile.
  • Can take a lunch break accordingly as no one will call you for any urgent meeting or discussion.
  • Gramophones, and Cassettes were used to listen to music rather than MP3 player on Mobile phone.
  • You could have saved $8.00(average) a month by not spending on monthly rental, GPRS, SMS package or so.
  • You were not bothered even if someone would have liked you as compared to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Walkman & books were your best time pass on a long distance journey.
  • Feels very proud to have a landline phone in your own bedroom.
  • Not to remember much passwords like we do for unlocking the phone, messages and Gallery.

Nowadays, It has become very difficult for an individual to survive without a cell phone. An individual will get tensed, irritated and frustated if his/her mobile is switched off. People are having a detailed knowledge about the Mobile phone and their company rather than their own life. It has become very integral part of Human being. People have gone into a virtual life rather than living a real life, dependency on phone has increased than on friends or family.

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  1. There are some very good points you have mention Chintan. Also very well explained how mobile have become the essential part of our life and changed our life.