Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review for Dabangg 2 movie

Salman Khan who is also known as Chulbul Pandey or Robinhood Pandey because of the movie Dabangg, produced by Arbaaz Khan is back with “Dabangg 2” movie. The films works primarily because Salman  K carries off the role with elegance.

Makkhi (Arbaaz K) who wants to do something in his life so he requests his elder cop brother Chulbul to help in making his life worth and the very next scene we see is Makkhi working as a cop. The producer (Arbaaz k) applies the same formula in this sequel. Not only the actors but also the singers, theme, action directors and editors are from the prequel, apart from Malaika A replaced by Kareena K and Sonu S by Prakash R.

Chulbul Pandey is promoted to Kanpur city and very soon he gains fame with his Dabangg style. Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) has played a typical Indian wife as in the prequel and looks pretty decent. She carries very standard expression of being a wife and is very likable. Vinod Khanna also played a very decent role as father and shares much relaxed relation with his son Chulbul.

The Story is basically an old school story, where the cop meets the gangsters and fight is on untill the villian (Prakash Raj) dies. Since Prakash Rai's doesn't have a bare body physique hence there is a villian sidekick (Nikitin Dheer) to do the needful. The films is very slow but is covered by the naughty, charming Chulbul's appearance and dialouges. In the end you will realize that there is nothing but still there is a movie out there. Its neither aggressive, idealistic, slapstick nor mindless, but still there is something that sets it slightly apart.

Finally, the movie belongs to Chulbul who rules supreme in every fame. Sonakshi and Vinod Khanna plays a decent role. Talented actors like Deepak Dobriyal and Pankaj Tripathi are not much utilized, Nikitin also seem appointed just for one topless combat with Salman Khan. Prakash Raj should have changed the style as is in same angry looks as seen in Wanted and Singham. Dabangg 2 justifies as bollywood movie sequel however would like to have more and better story if Arbaaz Khan is planning to make another sequel after this.

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