Friday, December 21, 2012

"I want them to be punished", says Delhi rape victim

A girl and her friend were driving back to home to Dwarka after watching a movie at 9.10pm Sunday. They boarded a private bus from Munirka which used to leave kids to the school in the morning. There were around 6 men in the bus including the driver and conductor. All six of them misbehaved with the girl and her friend accompanying her to her house in that private bus.

The boy could not tolerate this and tried to stop them but unfortunately he was beaten with an iron rod on his head and went to an unconscious state. The girl was rapped, beaten and tortured for 40 minutes by all six and then both the girl and the boy were thrown out of the bus by the roadside. A toll plaza patrol vehicle spotted them and called the police and were taken to the Safdarjung hospital by police at around 12.15am Monday. Her intestines were damaged as all six of them hit by the blunt object continuously in the bus.

B.D.Athani, medical superintendent of the Safdarjung Hospital reported that girl is conscious after 4 days and is in a stable condition, however there is still danger of infection setting in during the next few days. He added,”the girl is conscious now and trying to breathe on her own. The girl has a very good fighting spirit, despite of such injuries she remained alert and withstood it all”.

The girl is conscious and doing a written communication with her parents. She also asked about her male friend and want the culprits to be punished.

Five out of six culprits are caught and have shown no regret on what they have done. The 5th men seems to been caught in the UP today and the search is still on for the sixth culprit named Akshay Thakur in Haryana and Bihar. People across India has stood to fight such crimes. There were rumors across the world that it will end today i.e. 21 December 2012 as per the Mayan's calendar but I want such crimes to end today.


  1. so sad i think justice has to be given to that girl

  2. The girl is now dead, lets see do people still fight for her or will enjoy their 31st December 2012.

  3. Yes truly said, people are not bothered and will enjoy their new year