Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Myth behind Google Plus vote and shares

Since they appear to be aware of fraud votes seems to be a great idea to help Google find more specific search query. However, the impact through the purchase and manipulated search results ranking temptation, so that several owners, and engage in the Google vote exchange programs and other forms of technology, in Google's eyes look like spam. There was a time when GPLUS tickets really boost a separate specific ranking of search results, this day, however, is far behind.

Does these votes help with SEO: not exactly

Most of the People chose to go with the networks like exchanging Google plus vote just like we do link exchange which was assumed as unethical way by Matt Cuts. Some also got a rumors about Matt Cutts revealing that such techniques do not help in getting high rankings. But they contractually help in the search results, I will explain to you how.

Is the Voting killing Google plus itself?

The black hats SEO are also following these voting system as it indirectly helps them to get the high page rank. Google has initially removed the feature of voting system but now have become cautious of giving the right to vote once to each Google plus profile user. hence after reviewing the clients website i have realized that all votes are not created equally and that is what this is Google and the secret behind the biggest search engine.

Getting high PR by Authorship Rank

I was in confused whether my Gplus profile can get a high rank, almost all the links in the profile are dofollow links. Google has created engagement by the user when it comes to SEO. Hence by clicking on +1, by leaving a comment on a profile, by voting, helps you to create a link to your own profile and it indirectly helps you to get value to your account and increase the "page rank".

Now as we know that if clicked on +1 the vote actually counts, however if we do share that post and +1 it we get two votes on the G+ tracking snippets. Now if you get like and share, you indirectly get two back-links from a G+ profile or from Google to be precised. Get the report from the Google Webmasters and will see good increase of back-links from Google plus.

The real strength of Google+ Votes and shares

1. Active Gplus user value is much higher than the other users and people who do not use Google a lot of products. Plus one vote or share authority in a particular niche is more valuable than someone who just "plus one of all".
2. If there is a lot of interaction to the post which you have posted in the G plus then higher the chances of getting the link rank high.
3. The power behind the Google plus is you get a do-follow plugin back-links from Google. Now .EDU or. GOV links used to help you before, imagine that Google can do a link to your site? Of course, this link depends on the person to give it, but you get the point, right?

The more you communicate with people who are in your niche / market more, you will help to to build your Gplus Authorship rankings and increase the value of SEO, your votes and shares.

Don't forget to update the comments on the post as well as plus one the post on Google plus.


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