Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tips for playing safe Holi

Holi is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. The festival is celebrated not only by Hindus as the major community in India but by all other community too. Holi makes us remember about the story of Hiranyakashipu a king of devils and his son Prahlada who was a devotee of Lord Krishna and Kings Sister “Holika” the origin word for Holi who had a boon that she will never die or get burned by fire.

The festival is celebrated to farewell the winter and welcome the spring season for harvest. It is celebrated by holding a bonfire and throwing powder colors at each other.  During Holi people celebrates by coloring each other faces especially with “Gulal”. Some use very dark colors or colors that are not very easy to be removed by splashing water or taking a bath. People take one whole day to remove the colors from their faces body.

Below are some ways that you can take care before and after playing Holi.

Preventions before Holi:

1.    Try to use only natural and organic powder color as they are easy to remove by water.
2.    Washing your hair after hair is the worst job to do, hence apply Coconut oil to protect your hair.
3.    Oil not only plays a vital role for your hair but can also apply the same on your Earlobes, behind your ears and your nails where the colors settles for days if not washed properly.
4.    Lips are also exposed when applied the color on your face hence apply lip-balm or lipstick before playing Holi.
5.    The best way to keep your head and hair safe is to tie scarf which will cover your head and hair.
6.    Do not wear any lenses while playing Holi to avoid irritation in your eyes.
7.    Cover almost all parts of your body. Try not to wear Denims as they take very long time to dry. Wear light not heavy clothes.
8.    Put cotton in your ears to avoid colors going deep inside.

After Holi:

1.    Do not take a snap immediately after playing Holi as it will be difficult to remove colors if stayed longer.
2.    Dust off the dry color before washing it with water.
3.    Never use a detergent instead use a mild cleanser to get rid of the color.
4.    Never apply kerosene or Nail polish remover to clean instead use a cotton dipped in oil or cream.
5.    If the color doesn’t comes out of your head after applying Shampoo do not try to shampoo it again rather wait for a day or two and then apply it again to get rid of the color in hair.
6.    Use conditioner after applying shampoo hair else will make you scalp dry.
7.    Please do not try to get rid of the color at the one go it might take few days so have patience.

I hope you all must have got the instruction about how to play a safe Holi. Please follow the above instructions and you will have a better day than others.

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  1. Great tips Chintan,
    This will really help us while playing Holi and after it. Thanks for sharing such nice information with us.

    Wish you Happy and Colorful Holi...;-)